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The Clique 2002
December 17th 2002 @ The World's Largest Office Party
we need more lights WLOP happy...
other way Don in the pink what IS he doing?
angry eyes little drummer boyeee before the show

November 9th 2002 @ Raoul's
cool hair! rhythm section Pete Townsend inda house!
how does that go again? la la la nice face

October 26th 2002 @ Raoul's
get down! is it hot in here? Hi!
sheesh my neck hurts itza drummer la la la
floor shot fun!  

October 19th 2002 @ Raoul's
whats so funny? smile! cookin now
don't break it! give it away! talk to the hand

October 5th 2002 @ Feast With The Beast
@ the Zoo! friends dancin like animals

August 24th 2002 @ Raoul's
hands up! crowded those guys rock

August 3rd 2002 @ Raoul's
they rock stop with the pointing Don Loves You
packed little buddy Smile!
pushin Don Don still loves you nice angle

July 20th 2002 @ Raoul's
she asked him what he say? Fff...
thataway nice lights Mark Rocks
now how exactly do you play this thing? everybody dance now rock star
too many necks jammin  

July 12th 2002 @ Danny's
The Clique jammin whats on that screen?
watch that arm now nice drums/drummer finally made it to television
Boyeeeeee jammin @ Dannys nice pants
bennie and the jetsssssss Chuck Berry? cliqueness

June 22nd 2002 @ Raoul's
jammin those fans rock Here! Catch!

May 26th 2002 @ Millstone
smokey watch closely now the lovely and talented...

May 4th 2002 @ Raoul's
sleepin on the job itz Mark anybody seen my guitar?
quicker than the eye The Clique nice bass
people pix somebody wake that guy up

April 20th 2002 @ Raoul's
Mark loves YOU no talking during my solo that looks painful
no Don like THIS the clique o yes he is a schmidt

April 6th 2002 @ Raoul's
Don rocks The Rhythym Section what IS he doing
Don rocks Over There! pay attention to the man in front of the curtain

January 19th 2002 @ The Roxy
Don rocks Mark REALLY rocks nice profile
Chris rocks THAT guy is having fun