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The Clique 2003
New Year's Eve @ The Hyatt 2003

December 20th 2003 @ The Roxy

November 14th 2003 @ Raoul's
all lights on thanks Roland
the riddum section rockstar
rockstar what a face let's dance

October 25th 2003 @ The Roxy
Happy Halloween playing the high notes
hair farmer i love you all
rockin' Happy Halloween happy drummer

October 17th 2003 @ Raoul's
nice drums dancin' Don Townshend
sunshine on my shoulders Mark's sleepin' gr00vy shirt

September 27th 2003 @ The Roxy
right here,right now SRO Let's see that NIGHTWING shirt
WAKE UP! sea of friends poppin' veins

August 8th 2003 @ Raoul's
clockwork orange... smile! smokin'
smackin the V-drums band view dance dance dance

July 18th 2003 @ Raoul's
is it hot in here? the more you drink the better we sound smackin the skins

June 14th 2003 @ The Roxy
the banner is bigger than the stage Jimmy rocks the house on his birthday Mom I met a guy...

June 6th 2003 @ Raoul's
mmmmmm red rockin o man thats gotta hurt
Don loves you THIS much just in time for the hokey pokey Mark Lee Roth

May 2nd 2003 @ Raoul's
having fun cheese! rockin

April 4th 2003 @ Raoul's
smiley Wulffman a foggy night in Raouls
Don has spirit SRO He needs a nap

March 8th 2003 @ The Roxy
the... packed nice string
how DOES he do it? just before the TRAINwreck... what's on my shoe?

February 7th 2003 @ Raoul's
high notes are good everybody dance now crooner

January 17th 2003 @ Raoul's
outfit by Prince® chained to a micstand... is it dark in here?