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The Clique 2004
New Year's Eve @ The Hyatt 2004
la la la mmmm real drums bright light!
smokey backstage no pushing

December 18th 2004 @ Raoul's
Tina smiles SRO sm00ch
stars The Wulff's Dear Santa

December 11th 2004 @ Raoul's
Mark's view who was a good boy this year? oooooooo
smile! he's smokin' Roland 0wns j00

August 28th 2004 @ Starlight Theatre
funny... say aaaah Don lubs Chris
now we're cookin' 'round we go hey turn around!

August 13th 2004 @ The Hurricane
mmmmm Triton! plugged in hands up!
croooooooner he's in there somewhere... stop with the yelling